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Like a Restless Wind Inside a Letter Box

A Beatles FanFiction Community
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We are a little community that is dedicated to Beatles fanfiction. We allow any genre, any pairing (including slash), and any rating...if you are offended by R or NC-17 ratings then we have special accomodations just for you (so don't be turned away by it ^_~) Read the rules/do's/don't's before you join.


  1. When first joining post an introduction for yourself (say hello! we don't bite...^_~)
  2. When posting a story please use the lj-cut feature. To learn how to do that just visit: lj-cut is my friend
  3. When Posting a story please include: Author, Title, Genre, Rating, and a brief summary before the lj-cut tag
  4. When posting R or NC-17 fics please give warning in either your header or entry (for those who may be offended by such things)

What IS allowed:

  • Posting fanfic/fanart
  • Advertising your site or other sites
  • Posting/responding to challanges
  • Having fun!

What is NOT allowed:

  • Flaming another writer's work (but we encourage constructive critism)
  • Advertising the same stories/pages more than once (unless different chapters or updates)
  • Advertising for other fandoms
  • Posting NC-17 pictures (unless on seperate page or in lj-cut)