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In My Life Chapter 3

In My Life
Title: Chapter Three
Author: pauliexo
Starring: The Beatles
Rating: PG-13 for adult themes
Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles. Nothing in my story is based on true events, they are all my own ideas and creations.

Chapter 3

*Quick note* Throughout this chapter and the rest of the story, I will start including multiple points of views. Enjoy the chapter :)

Paul's P.O.V.

“Come with me Julie.” The words rolled off my tongue so easily, as if it were no big deal. I didn't even register what I had actually just said. I searched her eyes, longing for a sign of emotion. All she did was stare at me, naturally.

“What?” She questioned. I knew it was crazy. Absolutely crazy but I didn't even care. I didn't care that I had literally just met this girl, I was completely infatuated by her. Her dark brown eyes were just so welcoming, and I couldn't help but stare into them. And her lips, oh gosh, her luscious, soft lips were like candy. I couldn't get enough of them. I snapped myself back into reality. Me and the band! She had to come with me and the band! I needed to have her, and if the only way she would have me is if she got to know me, then I would need to have her come with me!

“Come with me.” I said again, trying to make myself seem clear. Her eyes scanned me, trying to detect if I were joking or being serious. I just watched her, trying to show her I was serious, and I could see that it scared her. But oh, how it melted my heart! I had to have her!

“Where?” Was all she could say. I felt myself light up as I anticipated the thought of her actually coming with us. I didn't care how crazy it sounded. I hadn't even thought about how she would handle it, or what kind of things she could possibly have going on in her life. But I knew that if I didn't at least try, I would regret it.

“With my and the band of course!” I shouted happily, throwing my arms in the air. She stared at me as if I were looney, I almost laughed at how crazy it seemed.

“Paul, do you even-” I cut her off. I couldn't let her think about it. That was one thing that even I was surprised with myself about; being spontaneous. I'm by no means a spontaneous person, and need everything planned. But this was the exception.

“Yes, I know how crazy it sounds, and I don't even care! I want you to come on tour with me and my band! I'm pleading you to, in fact!” I studied her eyes carefully, trying to figure her out. I could tell she was carefully weighing her options, should she stay here, or come with me? If I were a girl, I would definitely go with me! I almost laughed at my pathetic cockiness. I just wanted to plead with her, convince her that she should come with me. It was as if she could tell I was about to say something. She stared into my eyes, and I held my breath, preparing myself for what would happen.

“I'll go.” Was all she spoke. My eyes widened in disbelief, I didn't actually think she would go.

“What?” I questioned. She chuckled and wrapped her arms around my neck casually, bringing me closer to her.

“I said I'd go. Isn't that what you wanted, Mr. McCartney?” She replied with a wink. My breath caught in my throat and I almost forgot how to breathe. What was this girl doing to me?

“I uh--” I started, but her fingers instantly found my mouth and prevented me from speaking. A small whimper escaped my lips at the touch of her fingers; her incredibly soft fingers against my lips. My eyes slightly rolled back as they slowly shut and she chuckled. Seizing the opportunity of me not looking, she quickly replaced her fingers with her lips and placed a sweet, delicate peck on my lips. Right before I could even register that she was kissing me, she quickly pulled away.

“Well?” She asked stubbornly, but with a devilish grin.

“Well..what?” I asked, clearly confused.

“Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends?” She emphasized 'friends' and I didn't have to ask twice. In fact, I hadn't even thought about introducing her to the mates..or what they would even think of her. I simply nodded, and led her out of the small room, holding her hand loosely. As I guided her down the narrow hallway towards the dressing room, her fingers subtly intertwined with mine. My heart beat erratically at her touch, chills spreading throughout my body.

We stopped just before the door that read 'The Beatles'. I turned to her, looking her up and down, slightly concerned at what would happen when I brought her in.

“Julie, I ought to warn you ahead of time of the guys...” I started, concern obviously showing in my tone.

“Warn me about what?” She wondered, cocking her head slightly to the side. I almost whimpered she was just too cute, and I couldn't stand it.

“Well, obviously this isn't something that they are anticipating, and I don't know how they will act.” I said sincerely. 'Also I don't want them getting jealous over her, especially John.' I thought to myself. John was well known for being bloody jealous over the girls I was with. Seeing how I was the 'pretty' Beatle, it seemed like I got almost as many girls, if not more, than how many John got; and he hated it. He hated the thought of me being better than him. John had to always be the dominant one in power, he had to be the best at everything. I was petrified at the thought of John being jealous over me because of Julie. Perhaps this would be a good lesson for John to learn; that he can't always be better than everyone else, and that we should all be equals.

“There's no need to worry, I'm sure it'll be fine. I mean, I'm sure stranger things have happened.” She replied with a chuckle. I admired how calm and cool she was about the situation, but I'm sure she was scared also. I nodded, not entirely knowing what would be appropriate to say back. I held her hand tightly, possessively, as I opened the door, making sure I went in before her. As I stepped inside, all eyes fell on me. John was lying on the couch, his feet kicked up, as he read a magazine, George was slouching in an arm chair, fiddling with his guitar, and Ringo was on a couch opposite of where John was, reading a book. But as soon as I stepped in, they all stared at me. John giving me that signature devilish smirk.

“Aye Paulie, how was the shag?” He asked with a wink. I forced down the small lump that had formed in my throat, and my palms began getting hot and clammy.

“Yea Paul McCharmly, how was the talent?” He added to John's remark, also winking. I swallowed hardly again, still keeping Julie behind me, protectingly.

“Well, funny you should mention that...” I said as I slowly stepped inside, bringing Julie into view. I kept my eyes firmly on John as they saw her. My blood boiled as he grinned at the sight of her. I slowly dropped her hand from mine, but pulled her closer to me. John quickly got up, approaching us. I almost growled as he headed towards Julie. I could have slapped the disgusting look of amusement off his bloody face. He approached Julie, standing mere inches in front of her, shoving his face right in front of hers.

“Well well well, look what we 'ave 'ere.” He said coyly. I could have punched him in the face. The look he gave her made me want to murder him. I could tell he was jealous, but interested. There was no way John Lennon was taking her from me, and I personally would make sure of it.


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