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In My Life Chapter 2

In My Life
Title: Chapter Two
Author: pauliexo
Starring: The Beatles
Rating: PG-13 for adult themes
Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles. Nothing in my story is based on true events, they are all my own ideas and creations.

Paul McCartney was kissing me. My brain couldn't even register what was happening. His lips were like electricity, sending shocks throughout my body. My knees were becoming weak, I gripped onto him to steady myself, and prevent me from falling. My lips felt like they were on fire, the love that he put into that kiss just melted me. His arms snaked around my small frame, pulling me in close to him, dominating me. I couldn't help but let myself submit to him, give myself into him. I soon found myself kissing him back, and I don't even know why. Despite how much I 'loved him', I didn't even know him! His hand began creeping up my side, and that was when reality hit me. 'Paul McCartney is trying to get in my freaking pants!' My eyes snapped open, and my hands gave his chest a hard shove off of me. The moment our lips disconnected, I felt so empty. The look he gave me though, was almost hilarious. I was probably the first girl/woman to ever reject Paul McCartney. The very thought of that gave me this wonderful feeling of superiority. At the same time, I felt like an absolute lunatic. How could I have rejected Paul McCartney? The man of my freaking dreams! Either I was a total idiot, or I was a genius, but by the look on his face, I definitely wasn't a genius.

"Just who do you think you are?!" Paul demanded harshly. I was totally taken aback. Did he even realize what he was saying?

"Who do I think I am? What about who do you think you are? Just barging in here and trying to get into my pants?" His face just dropped. Realizing that he had actually just been denied. He looked furious, his adorable face turned beet red, as he began taking small steps closer to me. I backed away, terrified of what he was going to do. I bumped into a small table, and clutched it, bracing myself for what was about to happen.

"Do you realize that I have never in my life been rejected by a woman?" He asked daringly, as he got in my face. I turned from him, blushing horribly from the lack of distance between us. All I could do was nod 'yes', and avoid eye contact at all costs. A soft, tender, and also very manly hand caressed the side of my face, as he leaned in even closer, practically putting his lips on my ear. "That was probably the sexiest moment of my life." He whispered huskily. A shiver went down my entire body and I could swear my toes curled. Just the sound of his voice was nearly enough to drive me wild. He obviously noticed this because he chuckled lightly. "What's the matter love? Finding it hard to resist me?" I turned to him, my face totally red as a tomato, and all he did was wink at me.

"I uh, I'm sorry I rejected you Mr. McCartney..." I could have slapped myself. 'Mr. McCartney'? Really? What was I thinking?! He let out a loud laugh and backed away from me, giving me back my personal space.

"Call me Paul, love. Mr. McCartney is me father." He once again winked at me and my stomach instantly filled with butterflies.

"Right, Paul..." I corrected, "I'm sorry I denied you. It's just that, I don't know you, so how could I just give into you like that?" His beautiful brown puppy eyes widened in bewilderment. I could have died, his eyes were just so beautiful. The way they stared into mine, as if they were searching my soul.

"You know, that fact that you wouldn't do anything with me because you don't know me, makes me respect you entirely. Ya know, you're different from all of them other birds that are usually the ones throwing themselves at me, but no, you're different. What did you say your name was, love?" I couldn't help but blush. 'I wasn't like the other birds'. That gave me a sense of pride, for once I was different and someone liked it.

"Uh, I'm Julie." I replied bashfully, trying to avoid him looking me in the eyes.

"Hm," he started, and gently placing his finger tips on my chin, redirecting my face, forcing me to look at him, "Julie..that's a beautiful name. And you should really look at people more often, I'm sure they would love to see your stunning eyes." He smiled genuinely. I swear I just died. What was even happening right now? I just went from almost being Paul's next affair to him calling me stunning! "I mean it Julie, you are really beautiful. And I would like to apologize, it's just something that usually happens after a show, ya know? I have one of my managers grab me a bird and the rest is history." He stated with a wink. He wouldn't remove his eyes from mine, just staring at me. His hand also hadn't removed itself from my face, and suddenly becoming aware of it, my few grew hot. He chuckled as he slowly moved in, his eyes fixating on my lips. I gulped, and my eyes slowly shut as my lips met his. I heard him take in a sharp breath, obviously shocked that I actually kissed him. As soon as our lips reconnected, the fiery passion sprung back to life. I just let myself melt into him as he wrapped his other arms around my waist, holding me tightly, lovingly. It was the sweetest most beautiful kiss, and I just let myself become one with him.

We pulled away, both of us breathless, as he searched my eyes, wondering what I could possibly be thinking. "Julie, you're an amazing kisser. Has anyone ever told you that?" He questioned inbetween small breaths. No, as a matter of fact. No one ever told me I was. I just shook my head, my pounding heart made it near impossible to utter a sound. He looked shocked honestly, as his eyes focused on my lips. "Julie?" He started.

"Hm?" I managed to say, as I watched him staring at me, my heart rate slowing down in anticipation. He slowly licked his lips, looked in my eyes, then back at my lips.

"I just feel like I need to kiss you again.." And his lips were immediately back on mine. I gasped as he embraced me, his lips fitting against mine so perfectly. He lifted me up and set me on the table I was leaning against, I instinctively wrapped my legs around him, he sighed into the kiss, trying to deepen it. I felt myself pulling away, as much as it killed.

"Paul.." I sighed. He only took it as a good sign, and began kissing my neck, searching for the perfect spot. It didn't take him long to find it, I found myself wrapping my arms around his neck, preventing him from moving as he devoured my sweet spot, sending chills all over my body. "Paul, please stop.." I muttered. He pulled away only enough so he could look me in the eyes. He had a puzzled look on his face, like he was being rejected again. I hated the thought of saying no to him, and then leaving, to never see him again. "Paul, I want this, believe me I do, but I just can't. I just wish that what is happening would actually mean something to you, and not just be another affair." I said sadly. I knew though that I would never be anything more to him than just that, another affair; or the girl who denied him.

"Come with me Julie." He said seriously. I stared at him, in total shock.

"What?" I asked. My brain couldn't even comprehend what he had just said.

"Come with me." He repeated. My eyes searched his, trying to find a hint of him joking, or not being serious, but he was completely serious, and that almost terrified me.

"Where?" I asked, scared to know his answer.

"With me and the band of course!" He exclaimed. He obviously wasn't even thinking. How practical was it that I could just get up and leave my life to go with him? I just met him!

"Paul, do you even-" His hand immediately went up to my mouth, preventing me from speaking.

"Yes, I know how crazy it sounds, and I don't care! I want you to come on tour with me and my band! I'm pleading you to, in fact!" He was being completely genuine, and that was terrifying me. Could I honestly just get up and leave my life to go with him? The different scenarios played over and over in my head; what if I go with them? It could possibly be the best experience of my life! But what about what I would be leaving behind? But what if I don't go? I could regret it someday! Right before Paul could say anything else I quickly looked him in the eyes, making him stop talking, and searched my eyes for an answer.

"I'll go."


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