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Changes to the Wholehearted

Author's Note: This is my very first fanfiction! How exiting! I don't know much about Paul's family nor Quarrymen members, so A LOT of things will be incorrect. But hey, it's called fanfiction for a reason. Let's give a warm welcome to Changes to the Wholehearted!

Changes to the Wholehearted
Chapter One: Farewell California Sun

June 3, 1958
The sun was shining extraordinarily through the airport window, which was ironic considering today was not my type of day. Today was the day where I had to leave my beautiful California sun for grotesque Liverpool clouds. My dad came up with this brilliant idea of me moving in with my cousins and Mom. By the way, my name is Camille Roberts. Let me tell you about myself, or I guess, more about myself.

Don't get wrong, I would love to see my mom for the first time in years, but it would be reasonable if I stayed with them just for the summer. Three months is a long time anyway.

Mom and Dad got a divorce about 4 years ago. Mom decided to move in with her brother, James, in Liverpool and take care of his kids together. My cousins go by the names of Paul and Michael.

"You're really going like that?" Dad said jokingly, trying to lighten my mood. I scanned my outfit. I was clad in a loose pink t-shirt with a big flower on it and leggings. I didn't see a problem.

"Those Liverpudlians will be deeply jealous of my fashion sense." I said quietly.

"Oh I'm sure of it."

"I'm closer to normality than they will ever be." As soon as I said that, I immediately regretted it. I expected him to yell at me for being rude but instead, he chortled.

"Oh no Camille, you've got it all wrong. You and normality are miles and miles apart." He expressed while stretching his arms out to make his point. I smiled and got up to enter his warm arms. He wrapped his arms around me and I dug my face into his chest; an affectionate gesture I've been doing since I was little. After our embrace, we finished our breakfast, said our final goodbyes, and I was off on my own.

I breathed in Liverpool air and choked. It was cloudy and damp. Even the air gave off a feeling of sorrow. I had a sudden urge to hop back on the plane and demand a free ride home. Knowing that fantasy would never come to reality, I held my head high and searched for my mom. A cute, tall woman dressed in an adorable navy coat and matching hat smiled brightly and waved at me. I shoved through the crowd and leaped into Mom's arms, squeezing her and not wanting to let go. Four years felt like four millenniums. Mom looked drastically different; instead of her usual messy dark brown ponytail, her hair was down and dyed amber. She looked so upscale.

"Hello my Camille! My Lord you look so..." I know she was looking for words to describe my new hair. It was originally a dull shade of brown but now it was dark red, much like red velvet cake. "...different. Especially your hair, it's long, straight, and well, red!" How are you honeybunch?"

"MOM! I'm so glad to see you again. How are you? I'm great thanks for asking. Hi." I rambled and she chuckled at my nervousness. This didn't feel right; why on earth should I feel uneasy around my own mother? After we gathered my luggage, we headed outside to her car. It then started to rain heavily. Oh Liverpool, it's amazing how you never fail to meet my expectations. Not to trash Liverpool or anything but what kind of name was that anyway? You do not just put the words "liver" and "pool" together, that's just plain bizarre.

I sprinted to the car like a maniac, waving my arms in the air and shrieking at the cold water droplets. On our ride home, we talked a lot, more specifically about San Francisco, Dad, school, and friends.

"So Camille, are you leaving some lucky fellow behind to soak up the sun for you?" Mom asked. This question shocked me; we barely talked about boys. I was surrounded by girls for most of my life. The only time boys ever talked to me was for either homework answers or to make snarky remarks. I've liked a handful of guys at school, but the feelings were never mutual. I believe it's the hair. I giggled shyly and said no.

The houses looked very similar to the ones in San Francisco; they were all connected. I looked at Mom and smiled.

"Welcome to your new home sweetheart." I turned back around and my jaw dropped in astonishment. Mom did not only look upscale, she lived upscale. The house was tall, thin, and white. It had glimmering golden lights on both sides that made it look even more glamorous. I closed my mouth and smiled once more. Now that I was here, I couldn't wait to start my new life, even if it was a million miles away from my California sun.
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