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In My Life Chapter 1

In My Life
Title: Chapter One
Authors: pauliexo
Starring: The Beatles
Rating: PG-13 for adult themes
Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles. Nothing in my story is based on true events, they are all my own ideas and creations.

Tonight was the night. The night that my biggest dream would come true. I was going to see The Beatles live in concert. The very thought of it made my heart pound. Ever since The Beatles came to America I was instantly in love with them. Don't get me wrong, they are all gorgeous, but it's really the music that I'm in love with. Whenever I listen to their records, my heart just melts and chills run up and down my spine. I quickly fumbled over to my mirror to make sure I was looking my absolute best. My dark hair was straightened, framing my slender face. I had applied some light makeup, just enough to bring out my chocolate brown eyes. As my eyes wandered down my body, I began to chuckle at myself. I was probably going to be the most boring looking girl there! With a black v-neck, denim skinny jeans, and some converse, I looked very average. I shrugged it off as I grabbed my wallet and ticket and headed out the door.


When I arrived at the concert I was looking desperately for my best friend, Kim, who I was supposed to meet outside."Julie!" I heard someone yell, over the mass of crazed teenage girls. My head snapped in the direction the yell came from and I instantly found Kim, waving her arms around, trying to get my attention. I tried pushing my way through the crowd of girls, almost getting killed in the process. I desperately held my fingers to my ears attempting to block out the piercing screams, I felt a hard tug on my arm, and I yelped in pain. I was suddenly right at Kim's side. "Julie, you must have hearing like a bat if you were able to hear me!" She yelled over the screaming. I just laughed and nodded, trying to speak would be useless if she couldn't hear me.

We patiently waited in line for what seemed like forever. I was still trying to grasp the fast that I was actually about to see The Beatles! I wonder what it would be like if I ever met them? No, that's silly, I'll probably never meet them in my entire life. "Hello?! Earth to Julie!" I suddenly snapped out of my trance as Kim was screaming like an idiot in front of my face. I rolled my eyes at her and realized that we were the next in line to hand the officer our tickets. Kim and I squealed with excitement as the officer took our tickets and we headed inside. The room was hug! A thick, grey smoke was permeating the air, and everything was a bit cloudy as we tried to find the perfect spot. "JULIE!" Screamed Kim obnoxiously as she grabbed my hand and pulled us almost to the front of the stage. I don't even know how we managed to get this amazing spot with all of the other people around us.

Before too long, the lights began to dim, as everyone started screaming and cheering them on. Everyone began chanting "Beatles" over and over again, to make them come on stage. The anticipation began stirring in my stomach at the thought of seeing them in person. After all the years I watched them on the Ed Sullivan show, I was finally seeing them with my own eyes! I began feeling faint at the thought of it, I gripped Kim's hand, and she gripped mine back. We smiled at each other, knowing this was the happiest day of our lives.

All of a sudden, four young men in black suits ran out onto the stage. I looked around me, and I saw that everyone was screaming, some were crying, but I couldn't hear them. Everything felt so surreal. I returned my gaze to the stage and my breath caught in my throat. There they all were. I couldn't believe it. There was John, throwing his signature heart-throb smile to all the girls, George was tuning his guitar, Ringo was fiddling with his drumsticks, and then there was Paul. For a brief moment our gazes met, and my heart immediately stopped. I could have sworn I saw him gasp. He smiled at me, and I almost died. Paul McCartney, just smiled at me.

I couldn't believe it. My heart was just melting, and my knees began to give out. I though I would for sure drop to the floor any second. He was just so gorgeous, and he was smiling at me. I pinched my arm to check if I was dreaming. As my nails dig into skin, I almost yelped. Yup, definitely still alive. He continued staring at me, and I couldn't catch my breath. Suddenly, as John was saying 'hello' to everyone, his gaze was torn away from me. My heart sank, a rush of sadness and emptiness washed over me.

As they began to play, all the girls were screaming and going nuts, while I just stood there; in awe. I so badly wanted to sing along to all of the songs they were playing, but I just couldn't manage to move. I felt like such an idiot! The man smiles at me and I suddenly lose it. I don't even know if he was intending to smile at me.

The concert continued, and they played my favorites; "Hard Day's Night", "Can't Buy Me Love", "Another Girl", "Baby It's You", "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You", and "All My Loving". It was truly an amazing experience, being there, one I'll never forget. Even though I was a statue almost the entire time, it was the best experience I've ever had.

Right when I though the concert was over, Paul approached the lead microphone. My heart started pounding, I was so in love with his angelic voice. As he started strumming his bass, I instantly knew what song it was.

"I give her all my love
That's all I do
And if you saw my love
You'd love her too
I love her

She gives me everything
And tenderly
The kiss my lover brings
She brings to me
And I love her"

I couldn't take my eyes off of him as he sung, his voice had chills running up and down my spine. Next thing I knew, he looked at me, again. My jaw dropped, and I caught him quickly smirk and wink at me. 'HOLY CRAP!' I thought to myself, I almost died. Right when I thought he was going to look away again, he didn't. He kept looking at me as he sung.

A love like ours
Could never die
As long as I
Have you near me

Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die
And I love her

Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die
And I love her"

I almost cried with the final strum of his bass. He hadn't once looked away from me as he finished the song. A small tear trickled down my face as they bowed, and ran off stage. That was the single most amazing experience of my entire life.

As Kim and I began exiting the concert hall, I felt a strong pair of arms grasp me, and began tearing me away from the crowd.

"What the-" I nearly shouted, but a hand was placed over my mouth, and I was being tugged backwards. I tried kicking myself away from the man, but it was almost useless. His grip was too strong. I was beyond bewlidered that no one had noticed this happening, and if anyone did, why they didn't attempt to save me.

I was suddenly pushed into a small room, and the door slammed shut behind me, the clicking sound of a lock quickly followed. The room was dimly lit, and there were only a few pieces of furniture; a couch and a few chairs, and a desk. I was puzzled as to why I was even in here. The realization of it came flooding back as I ran over to the door, screaming at the top of my lungs, and banging on the door, pleading to be let out.

When no one came, I gave up. It was useless. I could only imagine what would happen to me. Some crazy psycho was probably going to come barging in here, and murder me. I was however, no where near ready for what was about to happen.

The lock suddenly clicked again, and the door swung open, but was just as quickly shut again.

"Ello, love," A low, husky voice greeted in a sexy English accent, "I’d love to hear you screaming like that when I have my way with you." I gulped, this can't be happening.

The next thing I knew, a pair of soft, plump lips were crashing against mine. Paul McCartney was kissing me.


So after major editing, let me know what you think :)
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