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Cold: Chapter One

Summary: After a car accident while driving to the airport to meet John, Cynthia finds herself different...
Rated: PG (All audiences)
Starring: The Beatles (all), Cynthia Lennon, Helena, Jane Asher, and Pattie Boyd.
Disclaimer: I own none of the people included. Except for Helena.
Chapter Summary:The heart monitor beeped. "No!!!" John screamed. Nurses rushed in and the last thing John saw was a blonde girl stabbing something white and crisp into Cynthia's heart.

Driving to the airport, Cynthia's heart hammered against her chest from all of the pent up nervousness of how John would be. Being that it was his first U.S. Tour, she couldn't underestimate him by thinking he'd fling his arms around her and act exuberant.

She stopped as the light turned red, thinking that it would be okay to go since the streets were empty, she pushed her foot on the pedal and before she knew it--

~ ~ ~

Fans squabbled around the airport as they exited onto the platform. They regarded their adoring fans by waving their hands. As they were rushed into the cars escorting them home a message was said on the radio: "Well, we better pray for John Lennon's wife--"

"What in hell?" John murmured. "I'll take you to the hospital." the chauffeur said.

~ ~ ~

At the hospital, nurses bustled around carrying paperwork and doling out medication to ill patients. "You think she'll make it?" one nurse said to another. "No, what about you Dr. Bray?" the other nurse asked. "Well, I've just seem her and she's lost a lot of blood, about 6 and half pints of 8 pints and she's weak. She's dying. So... no, she'll die." Dr. Bray sighed.

Bursting in the emergency care was John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Brian Epstein. "Oh! Dear..." Dr. Bray muttered. "John! No!" Paul cried as John ran to Cynthia's room.

As John barged into the room, he looked for his wife. Finally, his eyes rested upon a bony, pale, sickly dying version of his wife. "John." Paul said quietly. The others entered the room. Cynthia breathed heavily. Her face was cut up from the metal that got stuck in her jaw. John studied the jagged injuries of his wife.

Dr. Bray rested her hand upon his shoulder and quietly told him: "Mr. Lennon, Cynthia has lost a lot of blood. She's weak, um, she's dying."

"You're lying." he muttered. Dr. Bray sighed and left him alone. "John, let's go home, you can stay with me." Paul said. As they left, the heart monitor beeped. "No!!!" John screamed. "Come on!" Paul yelled, pulling his friend away. Nurses rushed in and the last thing John saw was a blonde girl stabbing something white and crisp into Cynthia's heart...


As they drove off, John screamed till his voice went hoarse. "It's okay, she'll be in a better place." Paul assured gently. John didn't listen. "WHY DOES EVERYBODY LEAVE ME!?" he screamed. "Shh... It's okay..." Paul murmured.


At the hospital, the blonde nurse washed Cynthia's cold dead body with a sponge. Another nurse clothed Cynthia in a crimson dress. Together, the nurses left.


Sorry if it's a short one! Next one will be longer!!!

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